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Oklahoma Real Estate Radio Episode 2

Emily Mathews joins Kay Pratt as host of the Oklahoma Real Estate Radio show. Today they are joined by their broker Doug Arnett with RE/MAX Platinum Below are the topics of this podcast: New RE/MAX Platinum Office in Edmond. Why you need a Realtor that shoots straight with you. Why “deals” are hard to find […]

Depersonalize Your Home to Sell Fast

Depersonalize your home means removing all personal photos, trophies, and memorability. This allows potential buyers to emotionally connect with your home without your “stuff” in the way. Learn how to prepare your home for sale.

Staging Your Home to Sell Fast

Preparing your home for sale – often called staging – is critical to get the best price in the shortest amount of time. While some buyers choose professionals to help stage their home, anyone can stage a home with the right mindset and eye for detail.

Cool Off At Lake Murray

Oklahoma summers can be brutal, and triple digit temperatures are predicted for the next few weeks. How better to cool off than a weekend at an Oklahoma lake? One of our favorites is the emerald green Lake Murray in south central Oklahoma. Located just south of Ardmore, Lake Murray is known for clear water, a […]

Homeowner Tax Tip – Are Mortgage Points Deductible?

When you took out a mortgage to buy your home, did you pay points? You may be able to deduct that prepaid interest on your federal tax return — but only if you meet a long list of rules. The points you paid when you signed a mortgage to buy your home may help cut […]

9 Common Misconceptions about Green Homes

Although most folks know green homes pack plenty of eco-friendly benefits, there are some pesky misconceptions that need correcting. Here are 9 myths busted. 1.  Myth: Green Homes are Expensive Fact: Eco-friendly homes come in different types, sizes, and price tags, from a green-minded prefab that can cost less than $150,000 to an eco-urban condo […]

Tips for a formal place setting

Thanksgiving is here and for many people, that means food and family. We recently listed a house and saw the grandmother had posted a picture of a formal place setting on the inside of the cabinets – for her grandkids! You can print out this high resolution drawing, tape it to the inside of your […]

Organize your Mud Room

Keep your home clean with these great tips – and a Pinterest board – for organizing your mud room.

Oklahoma Real Estate Radio – Appraisals

This episode of Oklahoma Real Estate Radio, Kay talks about appraisals. What are they, how are they ordered, and how a low or high appraisal will affect the purchase or sale of your home in central Oklahoma. In this episode, Kay covers the following topics about appraisals: What is an appraisal? How much does a […]

Driving in the Oklahoma winter

Having lived in Oklahoma my entire life, I have learned a thing or two about driving during the Oklahoma winters. As with many central plains states, the winters can range from mild and balmy to arctic freeze and heavy snows. Because of our southern location, Oklahoma normally sees moderate snow most winters so drivers are […]